Ny Autumn Roll

Spicy crunch shrimp mango, and avocado topped with spicy crunch crab meat with coconut sauce.

Sub Option 1
Brown Rice
Soybean Seaweed
Preparation Addition
Add Cucumber
Add Avocado
Add Mango
Add Crunchy
Add Lettuce
Add Jalapeño
Add Cream Cheese
Extra Ginger
Extra Wasabi
Spicy Mayo On Top
Eel Sauce On Top
Tobiko On Top
Avo On Top
Mango On Top
Removal Option
No Ginger
No Wasabi
No Cucumber
No Avocado
No Crunchy
No Sesame Seed
No Tobiko
No Seaweed
No Raw Fish
No Rice
No Lettuce
No Sauce
No Spicy Mayo
No Eel Sauce
Allergy Option
Optional • Choose up to 1
Egg Allergy
Gluten Allergy
Dairy Allergy
Peanut Allergy
Treenut Allergy
Soy Allergy
Sesame Seed Allergy
Shellfish Allergy